Portfolio Servicing Automation

Real-time Speed

The Speedboat platform provides real-time interactive graphs displaying your interests. The app can be modified to send alerts for any changes .

Flexible Client Interface

Working with SDA staff,  Speedboat can be repurposed and defined any way that’s needed to best represent your companies processes.

Formidable Technology

Speedboat is built to be strong, scalable and ready. Our team is constantly working and updating the software to stay ahead of the curve.

Make your Processes Faster

Increase your bottom line

without having to hire more employees.

Flexible Programming

SDA provides premium support every step of the way.

Beginning to End.

We can flex our platform to fulfill your company needs.

Built to be Formidable

14 Consulting

Let us put our expertise in software development and analytics to work for your fund.

14 Partnership

Partnerships are key to our success. Our belief is that to drive an industry forward you must engage with strategic partners.

  Portfolio Management14

Engineered to allow for complete customization to fit your organization’s requirements, and featuring: Rate of Return Tracking, Web-Based Platform, Encryption, and Dynamic Document Creation.

14 Invention

At our core we are creators of technology at the forefront of new software, dedicated to optimizing the tax lien life cycle. We shatter the status quo and drive improvement in every step of the process.

14 Bid Tracking

Our platform provides a bid book and real-time auction tracking software for managers and bidders, keeping it more efficient than ever.

14 Technology

We employ cutting edge server hardware and data analysis techniques to achieve top notch performance. Our collaboration with IBM gives us access to world class minds and the ability to scale with demand.