Grow Your Portfolio. Save Time.

Stop using out-of-date spreadsheets, clunky software, and inefficient methods to manage your portfolio. SDA allows you to service your entire portfolio, along with documents, data, and reports in a single location.

With over $70,000,000 managed within SDA’s portfolio servicing software and more than 45 years of combined technical expertise, we help organizations achieve their goals through smarter software implementation.


Servicing Made Easy

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SDA is the Fast, Flexible, and Formidable solution for managing your portfolio.



We know time is a valuable commodity, that’s why SDA engineers fast software.


Every organization’s workflow is unique; therefore, our software is centered on flexibility.


Built on the cloud, our software is robust and resilient, and we are constantly seeking to create better solutions.

SDA centralizes the portfolio servicing process and data for tax lien and deed investments throughout their entire lifecycle. Through the centralization of management into a single system, data integrity and compliance are achieved. By engineering software from the ground up for tax liens and deeds, SDA has developed the most efficient workflows, in turn, recovering valuable time and improved ROI.

Our platform is designed to support a broad range of investor specifications including: multiple entities and funds, assignments, payment plans, and extensive reporting. We understand that one size does not fit all and for that, we provide customizable services with each of your organization’s exact requirements all in one place, no need for additional software.

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