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 Tax Lien & Deed Portfolio Management Software

Portfolio management software build specifically for the tax lien and deed investment industry. 

A Single Solution

Our flagship product Speedboat® is a cloud-based platform used to accurately, efficiently and effective track portfolios of tax liens, contracts for deeds, and REO investments, allowing clients full visibility of their assets, accuracy and security of their data, and the timeliness of their decisions over their entire lifecycle. As a robust SaaS application that has flexible configurations and is fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of each client, Speedboat® leverages the most current software development methods, integration, automation, and customization. These particular aspects of Speedboat® translate into a key differentiator: other software solutions are built on legacy systems and are not configurable or customizable, and when they are they require more development time and are less responsive to evolving client requirements.


Audit trails across every aspect of an asset data types makes time spent with Auditors efficient and effective

Redemptive Value Calucations

With state by state redemptive value calculations investors can easily know their portfolio’s Redemptive Value 

Document Management

Manage all your documents (Word, Excel, PDF, photos, and videos) related to a specific asset within a single location

Customized and Integrated across Investment Lifecycle

SDA’s Speedboat® dashboard provides users with a comprehensive view and reporting capability of the company’s entire portfolio and across each investment’s lifecycle. Moreover, SDA allows clients to customize Speedboat® to their specific needs by highlighting property types, date of purchase, amounts spent on liens, deeds and other associated fees, as well as visibility on an investor’s placement of capital, and can be segmented by any and all available data types stored within Speedboat®, such as state, county, investment year, asset class, and lender.

Accredited Solutions

Regional and national lenders have approved SDA’s Speedboat® as a portfolio management tracking system for self-servicing funds. As an approved solution, SDA provides lenders peace-of-mind in the reporting of assets for eligibility and borrowing base. SDA’s Speedboat® platform for tax lien and deed portfolio management is functional in 13 states. For Real-estate owned (REO), Contract for Deed investments, Payment Plans and Leased (Rental) income, Speedboat® is functional in all states.

Scalable and Secure Technology

Because SDA relied on agile development methodologies and modern technical infrastructure from inception, its solutions are fully scalable to meet clients’ evolving functional and technical requirements via a robust and secure cloud-based platform. SDA’s Speedboat® is capable of significantly reducing time and risk associated with overall software development as client portfolios grow in terms of both size and complexity.

"The SDA team tasked with helping us have been some of the most accommodating, professional people I've worked with. They truly and sincerely want to create the best, most robust, user-friendly solution for us and the industry."

– Renee Hudkins, Director of Operations, INA Group

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